Keeping it Lorax Real

Seriously, who knew that the best two freestylers in the fam, were my 5 and 6 year old daughters?? I mean they’ve been around it a good bit, but this all started today. Like never done it before. I was spitting a little over beats on my phone in the mini-van on the way to my son’s basketball practice (I swear that’s not typical). At the gym, my girls were coloring on the bleachers, cyphering. No kidding. All the way home in the van.

Is that a Lorax battle that breaks out about halfway through??!

They don’t even know what a battle is. This is some serious insight into the psychology of the freestyle cypher. Literally, no coaching. Nothing written. I mean, they were lapsing into traditional clutches and claiming to keep real and not real various animated movies. Demanding the mic. Reppin’ their faith. My girls.

I swear I’m not a stage dad like that. This site is turning into some sort of horrible Disney Jr. Choo Choo Soul audition tape.

Was that a Brickhouse reference??!

Props to the Juicebox Jackson beat that makes a cameo.