For the DJs

This site is only possible due to the generosity of good friends willing to part with a little bit of fresh music for nothing but the love of shared creativity and a little bit of buzz.  To playdough (harry krum), sivion, mozingo, dj manny, and pumpkinFoot, I am very grateful.

It’s a strange experiment.  The site is young and the traffic is low.  For these guys, parting with any music of value isn’t very sensible, financially.  At the same time, no one wants a beat attributed to them that doesn’t do their talents justice.  So it’s a hard ask.  I appreciate the brothers who have taken the risk.  Trust me, they have even more amazing work in their published and yet-to-be published catalogs.  Check for them wherever you can.  Each one has music and projects of their own.

I’d like to give a particular nod to pumpkinFoot who floated me about 20 beats Sunday night.  His contribution alone will ensure that any failure to publish will not be for want of music.  His contribution to this week’s Dictator The Ship is one of my favorites so far.

To my ds5 djs, God bless for getting me off the ground.

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