It Finally Happened

Couldn’t make the deadline.  It’s 1:18 am and I’m furiously working on a song about the strategic arms reduction treaty (START), called Red Dawn.   Can’t tell if it’s going to be any good.  I do know that I can’t finish it.  I’ve had another busy weekend and the words just aren’t connecting.  I think I just tried to rhyme “Medvedev” with “intercontinental.”  I have too much to accomplish at work tomorrow to hack away at this thing for another hour or two.  I’m really sorry.  Not saying something won’t go up tomorrow.  But, it won’t be early.

I haven’t made a final decision about the remainder of the week, considering it’s a holiday.  I’ll let you know.

I’m going to make my daughter her lunch now, while continuing to try and incorporate UN inspectors, nuclear warheads, and Robert Gates into a catchy song refrain.  Should be pretty straight forward.

One thought on “It Finally Happened

  1. Can’t wait–sure it will be worth the wait. Completely amped up for what sounds like a good ol’ fashioned Cold War throwback! WOLVERINES!!!!!!!

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