PRESALE – Prince With A Thousand Enemies

I dropped my iphone 4 in a small “body of water” so to speak. I don’t think I could have prepared myself for the effect of losing it. I have a real problem. Apparently my entire life depended on it. I can barely function.

Embarrassingly, I still had my iphone 3. (Joplin, MO is a third destroyed and I am complaining about problems with my TWO iphones.) So as I anticipate the unlikely resurrection of my 4 from the bowl of rice it’s drying in, I decided to try and restore its backup to my 3. Suffice it to say, the restore lasted hours and I actually prematurely terminated it, which I thought had corrupted all the data. Itunes was monopolized by this process in excess of two hours and I had no access to my beats. So no song tonight. But, I’ll get one done. I’m working on a tornado song.

Also, yesterday was the first day of presales for my new record – Prince With a Thousand Enemies. It releases June 21, 2011. Numerous limited and other packages, which include t-shirts and hastily read and signed copies of the classic, Watership Down, can be purchased here with the album, in both digital and physical versions. It will also be available on itunes (but a digital version is available at the link).

Thanks to all for the support of this site and my music.

One thought on “PRESALE – Prince With A Thousand Enemies

  1. Package ordered – can’t wait to read Watership Down – never heard of it until now.

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