This is sintax.the.terrific of Illect Recordings.  Rapper and original member of deepspace5. Among my many aliases are the ipoetlaureate, Samuel L. Rhythms, Huckleberry Spins, Tom Lawyer, Mark Slang, and Ludwig van Beatshoven.

I’m also a licensed attorney.

jakarii and me

Current  events and social justice have always been an important element of my music.  The time delay that historically existed between when a song was written and recorded and when it could be published to the world, however, had the effect of quickly dating cultural and political commentary in an artist’s lyrics. Unlike a blog which can speak immediately to an event, the process of music production and distribution necessarily comes at the expense of timeliness. I saw this site as an opportunity to create running commentary set to music. Like, a news report in song.  Or song blog.  Roughly translated, “blong.”  But, I’m not, nor have I any aspiration to be, a scoop journalist. My goal is to summarize in lyric important events of our time that might otherwise seem uncommon to musical composition. I certainly editorialize but I am philosophically adamant that there are almost always two reasonable sides to a story, which should at least be respected in tone.

The songs are neither Billboard hits nor Ivy League analysis. But my legal and musical backgrounds position me to share a take that has a touch of art and substantive sophistication in the same moment.  Think “Schoolhouse Rock” for hip hop heads or “Yo MTV raps” for policy wonks. 

After more than 2 years operation, I’ve published over 170 songs. I’ve been featured in the Houston Chronicle, presented at a TEDx, done live corporate and continuing education song blogging events, and have recently been invited to present at the 2013 New Media Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Check back often. There’s something new a couple times a week. And, don’t hesitate to contact me about bringing a live song blogging event to your corporate function, campus, or house party. #Makethecrowdfamous.

My regular music can be enjoyed, and I can otherwise be followed, fanned, poked, or tweeted, at the following spots:


Twitter – @ipoetlaureate

Twitter – @sintaxds5

Facebook – ipoet laureate

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Sintax the Terrific - Curb Appeal JustMe and Sintax the Terrific - Merciless Sintax the Terrific - Simple Moves

8 thoughts on “About

  1. looking forward to following this blog, i have enjoyed listening to most of your music online. lynne

  2. Hi there Mr. Terrific!
    Had been wondering what happened to your iReport series. Glad you found a home here. Not to go off topic but ‘The way we walk’ is a staple in my playlist – in case you ever doubted it – you are dope! Take it as a massive compliment from a Kenyan fan who actually lives in Kenya – (absolutely no relation to Obama, lol!). God bless!

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  4. Thanks for sharing your talent. I deeply appreciate your sincerity concerning your faith. The music you and Deepspace 5 have produced have been a breath of fresh air for me. It’s great to experience music and lyrics that’s outside of the status quo and to the glory of God. Love, peace, an chicken grease from the Pacific Northwest.

  5. I was referring specifically to active and non-incriminating aliases! Sorry I’m such a terrible friend.

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