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I mean, sure, the CEO of Southwest Airlines as a keynote for your corporate event again this year is pretty compelling. Just like the bagel tray. And lanyards. And glazed expressions.

Or you could have a song blogger. And write and record a live rap. And publish it to the world. And become world famous. And laugh at your Deputy VP trying to say the word “aight.”

But, Asiago cheese bagels are good too.

Song blogging is a little like a Hallmark quote. Means nothing but applies to everything. So, whether your theme is “leadership” or “courage” or “innovation” or “laser hair removal systems,” song blogging has something to say about it. Song blogging is a kind of object lesson that well models all sorts of personal betterment and business management concepts. Just trust me. It does. (And, please stop fake interrupting me with questions I’m pretending to pose to myself on your behalf.)

I’ve had the privilege to present at a TEDx, the Las Vegas New Media Expo (NMX), for a Clemson University sponsored executive training course, Verizon Employee Appreciation Day, and various colleges.

All of those organizations are doing pretty well in case you haven’t noticed. Just saying.

For availability, rates, and booking, email

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