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8 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Homie, what do you use to lay down your tracks at home? I’m wondering what kind of set-up an aspiring, closet rapper what need to lay down some heat on his macbook pro…

  2. Gosh Sintax, hope everything is ok these last few weeks. Miss the blongs, but I’m sure you are super busy. I do listen to every song/blong whenever you post them. To be quite honest… I enjoy this project more than all your other music and I think all that’s the greatest too. This has been your best work ever in my opinion! Much love from the Pacific Northwest.

  3. If I could ever request a song…

    It would be something special Sintax if you could do a blong on a man by the name of Bill Britt. He past last week to be in a much better place, but what a mark he left on this earth. All done under the radar for the past 30 yrs. camouflauged behind a box of soap-WoW!

  4. Jay, this is a brilliant idea. It would make for a great blong. Maybe I’ll circle back. This caught me in a little bit of a busy time. We’ll see.

  5. On a whim I searched to see what you’ve been up to in recent years and came across your TED presentation. I’ve missed a bit in the last few years. Great work, brother. Keep the faith.

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