Personal Anthem (TM)

Because everybody needs one.

All of song blogging is anthem writing, in a sense. Anthems for events and times and people. Taking topics uncommon, maybe even corny, to song writing and trying to find the kernel of real passion and humanity. Where is the glory and the grit in the story and sh!t?

And, specific requests of me for personalized songs have increased. So, it made sense for me to make that a formal part of what I offer here.

So whether you’re a real live action hero, like Phoenix Jones, or just a hero homemaker, I can personalize an anthem for your passion. Bat Mitzvahs to Barbecues. Every occasion has a soundtrack. Groups, teams, and organizations. You need a crew cut.

Hit me for rates at or on Twitter @sintax_ds5 or @ipoetlaureate.

You have a Personal Anthem. Your day has a soundtrack. Your show has a theme song. Your crew has a battle hymn.

You just haven’t heard it yet.

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