The Fourth Front

So the cyber terrorist organization, Anonymous, has been participating in the Israel/Gaza conflagration by defacing some 700+ Israeli websites. As it turns out, their typical method is just to flood the sites with data until they crash the domain. Most of the websites, however, have nothing to do with the Israeli government, military, or infrastructure. Anonymous has apparently and mostly just hit randomized Israeli domains, which are just as likely to be a local pediatric dentist or soccer mom blog as it is a serious intelligence breach. In fact, it is really much, much more likely to be the former. There have been some serious dumps of personnel information apparently. Anyway, some have scoffed at the relative ineffectiveness and amateurishness of the campaign equating it to the cyber-attack equivalence of “egging someone’s house and then smoking weed behind a Denny’s.

Even as Anonymous may be failing to make a serious security impact this sort of dismissiveness overlooks the point. The future is now. And as unsophisticated as these first pioneering efforts are, they are mere prelude to the war. Cyber terrorism is sort of in this cute, petulant stage right now. Like how brattiness can look sort of adorable in a two year old. In fact, I recently read an article about the famed revolutionary hacker, Jeremy Hammond, aka, sup_g. The glorification of his passion for the cause and clandestine, digital heroism had me for a brief moment even hoping one of my children might catch a wild hair and pursue a life of cyber radicalism in the name of a more free and just world. Problem is, just like terrible twos, bumbling and well-intentioned hackers grow up mostly to be — well, convicts.

Anonymous may never amount to much more than a pain in our neck. But, if not that organization, something in its legacy will one day be all grown up. And, that thing, trust me, will not be something that merely tee-pees our house. You’ve been warned.

Anon’, anon’, an on we go.

Written and performed by theipoetlaureate. Music produced pumpkinFoot.

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