Look, I only had a handful of reasonable song blogging choices for tonight, right?

Deadly power outages in Cuba; the terrible motorcade accident that killed one of President Obama’s police escorts; or writing a diss track to the members of my fantasy football league. Eat my % Owned Voldemort’s Confetti !

I kept it classy and went fake-football-game smack talk. Maybe the only thing more ridiculous than grown men playing not-football is a song about it.

But my madness has some method. Today’s blong also doubles as a shameless promotional vignette for my favorite fantasy football podcast, “Fantasy Focus,” hosted by Matthew Berry, Nate Ravitz, Stephania Bell, and Podvader, who will hopefully and enthusiastically re-tweet my site, add my song to their bumper and intro music, and make me and this enterprise in endless song blogging world famous. I also gratuitously threw in Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless because they’re actual and recognizable ESPN personalities.

Don’t get me wrong. If my plan works, it hasn’t been a free ride. All of these individuals remain in my ear around the clock. I think I’ve heard every stream or podcast of First Take and Fantasy Focus for nearly as long as they’ve been on. These, in addition to the BS Report, Behind the Bets, every ESPN radio franchise, and all the bloggingheadstv podcasts, are what buoy me through my life’s steeple chase of dish washing, lawn mowing, grocery shopping, bill paying, and child rearing. The other day, I thought my six year old daughter was giving me advice on her top 15 players at RB2, when I realized I just had my earbuds in. Apparently, she just needed toilet paper. (Yes, of course, I got her a roll. Sheesk. Right after Pod finished the Name Game intro. That gets me everytime! You’re so crazy, Podvader!)

Anyway, sorry. So, yeah, dues paid.

I would also like to take this opportunity to formally challenge Eric Hutchinson, whose song is presently the Fantasy Focus anthem, to a fantasy football song battle. A lyricism off. A grammar guerrilla war. A word face punch fight. A real-life fantasy duel.

Drop Eric. Add me.

Don’t front, Eric. You can’t hide behind you’re “great voice” and “real musical ability” and “clever song writing” and “actual instruments” any longer.

This is hip hop. Welcome to the terrordome.

Written and performed by sintax.the.terrific (theipoetlaureate).  Music produced by the one Dave Santos.

Today’s song blog here:

Autodraft Beef