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A strange news week so far.  A lot of difficult human tragedy.  A slightly less absurd political slate in these final days before the midterm storm.

My roundup song is on target for Thursday publication.  Next week is going to be a challenge.  Preparing a Monday post will be complicated by my weekend schedule, and then I want to make sure and do something interesting for the elections.  We’ll see.

Please spread the word to the handful of people still not following this blog.  The data is telling me that that number is now almost certainly under 20, but the thought of even one person receiving their news in regular human speech rhythms, and not set to 4/4 time, is simply chilling.   

Don’t forget to check for this week’s first song.  (Alternatively, you can scroll an inch down to the immediately preceeding post.  Maybe a little hyperlink happy.)  Remember this site is a song blog.  You’re looking for the songs.  Never get distracted by my clever prose.

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