Election Special Wednesday

Phew.  Long flight home today.  Time with the wife and kids.  Some ESPN 30 for 30.  Full election coverage late into the night.  Then pounded out some less than perfect ipoetry.

Themes include my coverage of the coverage, the blissful absurdity of the coverage, balance of power in the bicameral duplex (I think that’s redundant), and the ability of a tea-party conservatism to govern over the objection of insider Republicans and a democratic White House.

By the way, in Cali, Prop 19 failed.  I forgot to include it.  O’Donnell lost.  Also, Toomey v. Sestak was a classic, which among other races, simply didn’t find a natural position in the  song.  I don’t like to force it.

And, you do know that none of this matters, right?  So no matter which side of the aisle you fall, just chill; everyone will change their minds again in 18 months.

Performed by ipoet.  Music by DJ M@nwell?

Today’s audio here:

Only One Can Win

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