The Press Junket Series No. 4

The Week That Was.  While typically the opposite is at risk, listening to this week’s song will actually make you visibly dumber.  Do not listen while operating heavy machinery or even a digital wristwatch.  The words in the song unfortunately reflect precisely on the views of this site, as juvenile as they may be.

Performed by ipoet.  Music produced by . . . yep, pumpkinFoot.

Today’s breathtaking (as in asphyxiating) audio here:

TWTW 11-15-10

2 thoughts on “The Press Junket Series No. 4

  1. James, for now none of the songs will be available for download. But, they’re all available right here 24 hrs a day for your repeat enjoyment! Thanks for the support. Don’t let them fool you with that non-rhyming news over at MSNBC.

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