A “Pink Thursday” Press Junket Special

Happy Pink Thursday!  The Week That Was.

It’s come to be true that the Thursday after Cyber Monday after Black Friday is the most heavily trafficked rap blogging day of the year.  People are on the prowl for great deals on news wrapped up in rap this day every December.  Discounts as deep as 3-4% off suggested retail prices on all rap news.

Some camp out weeks ahead of time to be first in line to have a chance at a lottery to be considered by a triumvirate panel for the off chance that maybe they’ll be entered into a sweepstakes of long-shot odds to be participants in a round-robin tournament of champions whose trophy is a golden ticket of randomized numbers which may be identified as the winning voucher based upon the sequential randomized drawing of NBA enumerated ping-pong balls to decide who will arm wrestle for the Playstation 3 Move Game Bundle and a bonus song about vote-rigging in the Ivory Coast presidential election run-off.  In other words, everything important about this special holiday season.

Performed by ipoet.  Music produced by pumpkinFoot.

Today’s defective audio here:

TWTW 11-29-10 (A Free Shipping Remix)

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