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Major media outlets have been standing up to take notice of the forward-thinking news coverage here at  Take for instance KAXL 88.3 out of Bakersfield, CA.  Their Level 6 Radio programming on Saturday night hasn’t been able to keep it’s hands of rare audio of me revealing the little known secrets of this site.  Like how I publish blindfolded and only eat small meals of sashimi bass while recording

Anyways, in return, I did this bumper song for the program, which includes various and regular catch phrases of the show’s deejay, Matt Pelishek.

The holiday season is getting hectic, but I promise more news rap soon.

Performed by ipoet d/b/a sintax.the.terrific.  Music produced by Beat Rabbi.

Today’s quid-pro-quo audio here:

Level 6 Radio promo

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