School Closings

An apology is in order.  I found myself underwater last week and should have let you know.  One of the best news weeks since I launched the site, including the blown tax deal, DADT ramifications, the Assange arrest, and the healthcare reform court ruling, and I just couldn’t get it done.  But, some or all of this will be covered.

In the meantime, I’m going to post a few wintery songs, which I had always anticipated using during this holiday week and the next.  I just didn’t expect to run out of room in the run up to this week.

If you’ve been faithful to the site, please hang in there.  Rap news is not dead.  It’s going to get toasty in the one – one.

My man b-boying:

Performed by ipoet (d/b/a sintax.the.terrific).  Music produced by re:flex the architect.

Today’s two-hour delayed audio here:

Snow Day

One thought on “School Closings

  1. B-boy is dope! Glad to see that the tradition of “card-board boxes” is being passed to the next generation of electric boogaloos.

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