Worse. Worser. Worst.

I was traveling again yesterday and scrambled late to make this happen.  Take it easy on me.

As a tribute to Keith Olbermann’s departure from MSNBC on Friday, I thought I would do a “Worst Person in the World” segment, the recurring feature on Olbermann’s show, which identified three individuals of increasing worseness (Worse, Worser, and Worst), in Olbermann’s estimation.  As you might suspect, through the years, Palin, Bush, Beck, and Cheney rotated for top honors.

Although apparently he did a couple of times, neglecting to find the worst in yourself for a windfall of finding the worst in others, while entertaining television, is to forget the human condition common to us all.  That is — to generally be pretty worst.  Only Oprah, Extreme Home Makeover, and CNN Heroes have been able to sell the “best” in people at some profitability (and ridiculousness).  But it can be done by others, I know.  Maybe Olbermann can genuinely, as opposed to sardonically, do a Best Person in the World segment on his return to the 2:00 a.m. Sports Center time slot.  Very high profile.

For today’s entry, I have identified the terrorists responsible for the bombing of the Moscow airport as the “Worst Persons in the World” today, all the while feigning to acknowledge I’m pretty bad too.  I don’t think it worked so well.  But you get the point.  There is probably a hormones difference between me and Dahmer.  Of that I’ve long been convinced.

Themes include belligerent use of a teleprompter to accuse and mock admittedly wicked events.

Performed by ipoet.  Music by pumpkinFoot.

Today’s bitter audio here:

A Terminal Seat (High Alert Pt. 2)

Refresh your recollection with High Alert Pt. 1 here.

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