Guest Poet: Keep It Movin’

Sorry to all.  I was on the road and I got trapped in a spot without WiFi to get this done.  My man Wonder Brown pinch hit again today and had me the song last night, late, but I couldn’t get it posted.  Serious logistical snafu.  But, technically it’s still Thursday, so we’re all still good!

The Libya situation is historic and terrible.  And, the Space Shuttle Discovery made its last launch today.

A little political cynicism from WB today.  In his words:

“I keep thinking back to the Bob Dylan song, ‘Only A Pawn In Their Game.’  Cries of revolution come from the pawns, and the struggle of the inclined rotation in the galaxy – speeding up and slowing down during different axes and apses (I’m taking astronomy too!) – makes you wonder if and when the pawns become the pundits, who then will be the pawns?  I guess, naturally, I’ll just ‘keep it movin’.'”

Performed by gpoet, Wonder Brown.  Music produced by Vintage.

Today’s audio here:

Keep it Movin' (Remix)

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