A Lullaby

It’s bracket Monday, and, while I’d love to execute my first ever NCAA tournament song, including a rant about Florida at a 2 seed and jokes about Va Tech’s perpetually burst bubble, this site is committed to nonsense delayed (or maybe epitomized). The death toll in Japan has exceeded 10,000 but that figure likely has no statistical viability considering the chaos it pantomimes to measure. Sentimental gestures are largely embarrassing. To say we stand in solidarity is like the offer of a toy boat against the crush of a tsunami.

There is One who loses sleep over all of our tragedy; hasn’t rested for an eternity. Maybe Japan can, if even for only a while. It’s almost bedtime in Japan. Goodnight.

Performed by ipoet. Music produced by Diaz from Hungary.

Today’s lullaby here:

Goodnight Japan

2 thoughts on “A Lullaby

  1. This was a really good song…disappointed though as it left me wanting a bit more… though in respect to the situation I understand the briefness of the song.

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