Above-the-Fold Freestyle Feature [Take 2]

This is always a punt of sorts.  To do a freestyle instead of a song.  But, I feel like my relative consistency has bought me at least some goodwill, right?   Plus, I think the freestyle feature keeps things interesting, and people seem to like it for the novelty.  It’s just one more variation on this experiment in song-blogging.  Freestyling the news stories of the day elevates an already contemporaneous exercise into one of almost pure spontaneity.

As always, a freestyle is an unwritten, unrehearsed rap.  Entirely extemporaneous.  [I have previously and briefly recognized some of the confusion over the etymology of the word “freestyle,” here, and won’t do it again, now.]

I logged on to CNN.com, noted the time, and then freestyled the headlines.  A verbal screenshot.  Not written.  Not premeditated.  For better, but mostly worse, spontaneous.

Performed by ipoet.  Music produced by Sundance.

Today’s audio word jumble here:

Off the Head (lines) 3-6-11

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