Côte d’Ivoire

The Ivory Coast has recently been engulfed in renewed violence over elections had some five months ago. The former president Laurent Gbagbo refuses to evacuate office after losing the election to the man that the international community recognizes as the legitimate winner and president, Alassane Ouattara. Ouattara’s Republican forces have seized large portions of the country. There, of course, has been terrible atrocity on both sides, including what appears to be a retribution massacre of some 800 citizens at the hands of the “good guys” in Duekoue. As usual, war and humanity are never cleanly drawn in morality and this instance is no different. Unfortunately, this murkiness becomes an excuse to ignore it altogether.

I was moved by the account of some churchgoers who walked a colonnade of strewn bodies as they went. There is great capacity in us to maintain regularity in a swirl of brutal irregularity.

During my very brief time in Kenya and Tanzania, I was struck by the sheer volume of ways one could die. Malarial mosquito. Egyptian Cobra bite. Water Buffalo impalement. Baboon attack. And, these were just the risks inherent in a stay at the five star hotels. Don’t forget high speed decapitation on a moving train. Insufficient snorkeling apparatus. And, dysentery.

The legacy of colonization through the lens of tribalism has increased the worst risk of all that being human on human violence. It is a hard continent, dealt a particularly steep hand in history and land.

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