My bologna has a first name . . .

Man, I didn’t want to touch this with a ten foot pole. But the story just kept growing. (Too easy.)

It’s embarrassing. It’s awkward. It’s not any sort of real news. But Weinergate has persisted for over a week now. For those that don’t know, Representative Anthony Weiner was exposed for ironically sharing indiscreet photos of his, well, . . . wiener. As a cultural story, I felt ultimately compelled to address it because that’s what a rap news blog does I suppose. A sort of sequel to Craig’s Got a List. Which was, in part, the reason a song about the controversy felt like a retread. The same sentiments are in play. Inexcusable. Tawdry. But, inescapably human. For me, these stories are about a corporate rather than an individual sin. Technology has enabled inclination in, as Weiner himself admits, new and destructive ways. We have to figure this out together, even as there will never be any sort of complete answer to it.

On a related-unrelated note, I had a discussion this evening with friends concerning the unwritten urinal rules present in men’s bathrooms.

Today’s song blog is not only a juvenile double entendre but it also doubles as a tribute to my homey, Playdough’s, new record, Hotdoggin’. Buy it.

Performed by ipoet. Music produced by 2bit.

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