Press Junket Series No. 6

The week that was.

Stories include the bizzaro diaper-gate incident with TSA and an elderly passenger; Georgia’s contested immigration bill; the increasingly crowded Republican Presidential Nominee Candidate pool; the United States Supreme Court’s recent decision concerning video games and free speech; President Obama’s draw down plan for Afghanistan; the untimely death of sports legend Lorenzo Charles; the best-selling and controversial new faux-children’s book “Go the F**k to Sleep”; and my University of South Carolina and their back-to-back National Championship at the College World Series last night. Didn’t squeeze in a reference to the incidents in Kabul. American collegiate athletics is of significantly greater world import.

Performed by ipoet. Music produced by juiceboxjackson (a harbinger of things to come, by the way).

TWTW 6-26-11

2 thoughts on “Press Junket Series No. 6

  1. Oh come on, it is way too late to be arguing that being in Afghanistan was unjustified in the first place. That is not in any way relevant to whether it’s time to pull out or not. I think Obama is pulling troops out based solely on a political calculation about the next election.

  2. Hahahahaha. No, no I wasn’t very clear in the couple of lines. I was not second guessing the original decision — to chase Osama. I’m attacking (and have been) the revisionist purpose that we have some greater obligation to the country we invaded. Osama was captured = mission accomplished. Now let’s get out and stop equivocating about it. I was a Boy Scout. Leave your campsite better than you found it. I want America to clean up its messes. But, we invaded because they were harboring a particular TERRORIST. That’s it.

    Thanks, Nerd, for always contributing.

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