Shrugging at Storms

A confluence of too many passions almost made my head explode tonight. So, I am an avid consumer of, which pits in civil debate/discourse blogging and other professionally academic contributors. It is typically politically editorializing (a/k/a a hot poker in the eye for most). But, on Saturday, was posted this great exchange between Daniel Foster, of the National Review, and Jacob Haqq-Misra, a post-doctral scholar at Penn State concerning a paper on alien civilizations penned by Haqq-Misra and colleagues. Bottom line: politics, blogging, and UFOs. I really thought I had hit some sort of podcast lottery. If they had somehow incorporated a short segment on the advantages of a third round reversal draft in a 16-team auction league with PPR, I would have definitely slipped into a permanent and soothing brain coma. (I’m trying to see how impossibly abstruse I can make this entry.)

In related news, I’ve long been desparate for a great alien/human ground war movie. I thought Battle for LA was it. Quite to the contrary, it was maybe the worst xeno-militaristic movie ever done. It made, by contrast, Signs’ H20-intolerant E.T.s, and Independence Day’s, Norton Anti-Virus deficient space invaders, look actually conceivable. I was so furious. I think I may have already talked about this. But, my fury bears repeating.

To the story of the day, Hurricane Irene hit the Northeast. There were numerous projections concerning NYC and its largely underground infrastructure. Of course, by all accounts, the city sort of shrugged its collective shoulders at the storm and continued largely about its business. Sounds about right.

By the way, I am aware that NYC is neither the City of Pain nor Sin. But, “apple” doesn’t rhyme with either “rain” or “wind.”

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3 thoughts on “Shrugging at Storms

  1. It was a recipe for perfection: alien invasion, west coast Marines defending their home turf in desert cammies. But a low budget, terrible casting, and aliens that look like they came from that eighties movie “Batteries Not Including” made it pretty underwhelming. Battle for LA: massive disappointment.

  2. Yeah, it was a major whiff. And, as a result, it will probably be a while before they take another crack at it.

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