2011 College Football iPreview

It’s hipper to speak well of marching bands today than maybe in time’s past but, honestly, band kids still get it sort of bad. Unless, you participate in some hot step band troupe, it’s still sort of like ehhhh. Even there, no real celebrity attaches like with their counterparts in sport. More importantly, this time of year, band kids are working their tails off in preparation for entertainment that we will only ignore. The least I can do is give them a heads up on the College Football National Champion in case they might want to place some sort of anticipatory side wager (legally, in Nevada, of course).

I have used a special font harmonic that becomes visible through a complicated chemical reaction between the senses of the eye and ear that only the trained faculties of a marching band participant could induce. So, if you can read this, apparently you’re a band kid — at heart, if not, in fact. Sorry to break it to you. Nerdface! Hahahahahahahaha!

So everyone is picking Oklahoma and Alabama who reasonably should be viewed as having nearly the best talent. But, Virginia Tech and Wisconsin play no one. And, Wisconsin is good besides. If Virginia Tech can survive Georgia Tech, in Atlanta, I think they’ll have the resolve to take Florida State in the ACC Championship. Of course, as a Gamecock, all of this breaks my heart to say in light of the best South Carolina team arguably ever fielded. But, I know too well how the wheels can separate from the car.

Listen to see who will take the BCS title. Doubt me at your own financial peril. Three words: Mavs in six.

Performed by ipoet. Music produced by Jaq.

For the Band Kids

3 thoughts on “2011 College Football iPreview

  1. All I have to say is I will be Between the Hedges this weekend with two words for the iPoet: Go Dawgs! I think we can take on the fighting Steve Spurriers, I mean who do they think they are, Boise State?

  2. Sam, don’t do that to yourself. Who would choose such a painfully close seat to their own humiliation? You might want to watch this one from the sanctuary of your own den, man.

  3. I must say that your prognostications has some validity. I on the other hand think that the title game will be between Alabama and Boise St. Yea I said Boise St. and it is difficult for me to say but I think they will be one of only two teams without a lose. LSU will lose at Alabama and Oklahoma will lose to either Baylor or Okla. St. With regards to the Yard Birds from the arm pit of the state; they are a good team but they have to play Ark. on the road and that has been a tough test for them. Plus there is no way they can beat the Pickens County Kitty Kats for a third year in a row! I am just sayin!

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