To me it was really difficult not to say something obvious and banal. All of the sentiments have been run. I thought about just telling my own story. Everyone has one, and sharing yours is quintessentially a part of the moment. I thought about trying to honor the major events and personalities of the last decade. But, that seemed too clinical. Everyone wants to somehow reflect afresh the sentiment and the pain and the loss. But you just can’t. Personal grief can’t be mediated well and observed grief is sort of condescending.

As I considered all the possibilities, I was desperate most of all to identify some unified theory on the matter. What is the particle that connects us in this tragedy, the enemy and the ally, the terrorist and the captive, the soldier and the civilian, the muslim and the Christian, the democrat and the republican, the martyred and the living, the atheist and the evangelical, NYC and PA and the Pentagon and the rest of us, the world and the United States. The sides and the versions and the moralities are too many and too nuanced and too at odds to be made to fit. And, then I thought about our moms. We all had moms. However you want to label us, saint or sinner, we all had a mom, if even for just for a moment. We all came from a place of nurture and charity. Of course, to varying degrees, all of us departed that space, some, maybe the 911 hijackers, to a greater extent than others. But, we all were there. In that moment, we were at our most similar. Possibly even at a near likeness.

I also wanted to say something of hope and joy. That, in our daily routine, we can feel alive and keep those fallen in unspeakable tragedy alive in spirit, as well. When we live in righteousness and peace and forgiveness, we honor them and ourselves.

May we all be thankful for what we have today, including country and global community, and let us remember the many heros and villains and loved ones that have blessed and marked this season of human expanse. May God have mercy on us all. This is my worship.

Performed by ipoet. Music produced by dj clutch.

Still Alive

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