M Goi Saa!

Really a banner month at ipoetblog.com a/k/a huckleberryspins.com in terms of traffic and views. I’ve apparently picked up a lesser known population of the rap news audience, namely, enthusiasts of competitive child soccer ball kicking and the Warner Bros.’ cinematic triumph, Dolphin Tale. I hope you will return. The topics get a lot more masculine — cobras, smoking pipes, boxer shorts, home depot, noodling, pugilism, aggressive napping, steak fries, mouth breathing, the whole bit. Please don’t hesitate to tell all your friends about the fun and intellectual rigor of rap news. They’ll be embarrassed to have not known when they eventually see me on The View or Throwdown with Bobby Flay.

So, Samuel L. Rhythms (heretofore the ipoet.laureate) says, “M Goi Saa” (that’s “thank you” for the very small, non-Cantonese speaking segment of my viewership (it’s a little known article of trivia that Mark Twain was 1/32 Cantonese (that’s not true (it was 1/16 (actually there is no evidence whatsoever that he was of any Cantonese descent (so don’t tell your kids (good luck following this concentric parenthetical))))))). And, you’re welcome:

Good heavens, who knew Mark Twain was a Y regular?!

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