Moammar Gadhafi Dead

I just cannot bring myself to write a fourth Gadhafi song. I just can’t. My previous thoughts in three related blong entries are here, here, and here and are also featured in individual audio players below. As my August 25 post indicated, I was poised to write the obituary. But, he persisted. For nearly two months in fact. His death was confirmed today.

There is actually material for an additional song here. Apparently Gadhafi, postmortem, was struck with a shoe, allegedly a grave insult to the dead in the Arab world (and certainly would be here if we had ever thought about it); paraded through the streets; and filmed endlessly. The blong probably would have been called “Shoeface” or “Facestomper” or something real clever like that. And, then it would have excoriated anyone who thinks it’s a good idea to hit corpses with shoes or otherwise humiliate the dead.

Gadhafi by all accounts was a horrible, horrible person. As I’ve indicated, he was the picture of terror in my youth. But, he isn’t just a picture or idea. He was a person. A child of God, actually. And, as it went with Osama, so now it goes with Gadhafi, that we regrettably find some primal salve in the celebration of a lost soul(s). In truth, it’s just all a sad affair.

Songs performed by ipoet. Seen and Not Heard produced by Diaz from Hungary. Bless with a Gun and Ghost Recon produced by djclutch.

Seen and Not Heard (Dominoin' Part 3) Bless With A Gun Ghost Recon

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