An Idea Worth Spreading

I am hysterical to announce that I have been selected to present at TEDxGreenville on March 30, 2012. TED events celebrate innovative ideas in technology, entertainment, and design. I have been invited to share about song blogging. Additional information and tickets can be found here. TEDx events are regional versions of the legendary TED conferences.

Thanks to all of you whose participation and traffic here make this a credible site and exercise.

8 thoughts on “An Idea Worth Spreading

  1. Woah! CONGRATULATIONS MAN! Its so great to see someone who has worked so hard get their due recognition! I know you’re gonna do a great job! Praying for you dude!

  2. Thanks, Sam. It’s a pretty modest thing simply being a regional event. But, for me, personally, it’s just one of the coolest things I could be a part of. I love the TED culture and these talks represent the kind of intellectual space I’d like the blog to occupy. We’ll see.

    @Jon, I’m not sure. I believe it will be streamed live for sure, the whole event. Some of the lectures were definitely be on YouTube/ Whether or not mine will, I’m just don’t know yet. I’ll keep everyone posted.

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  4. I really wish I could be at the TED to support my hometown hero as he becomes the foremost authority on song blogging before a room of eager spectators. I also wouldn’t mind being part of his already growing entourage of / part time rappers (of which I’m sure I am not very far off from, despite that last bit being a bit of a jest).

    I’ll look into seeing if I can make that happen…but until I can confirm whether I’ll be there or not, congrats again for the opportunity and for constantly making great stuff happen.

  5. Word, Conduct.

    I was listening to Curb Appeal the other day and that line on “King Charles” that says “People always asking when I’m blowing up/ as soon as the moon grows blooms like buttercups and thats never/ you can put it down in letter/ like trying to outlive forever theres no chance”

    The last six months for the ipoet seem a lot like “blowing up.” Maybe not Jay-Z blowing up but at least the sort one could expect for an internet news-rapper ;) Kinda reminds me of how wonderfully unpredictable life can be.

  6. @Conduct, get down here man. And, what entourage are you referring too?

    @Sam, I get weepy reading those old lyrics. A long time ago. Far from blowing. But, I am terribly, terribly thankful for it all. Thanks, bro, for the always support.

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