Baked Ziti

Riots in Greece over the new bailout and concomitant austerity measures. Even on the brink of economic ruin, people aren’t willing to do with less. Imagine trying to talk “sacrifice” on a national scale here in America at any point prior to the bankruptcy of ESPN and the unavailability of nuggets and chicken tenders.

This is the song I posted months back during the proposed first bailout. One of my favorites.

Performed by ipoetlaureate. Music produced by pumpkinFoot.

Today’s song blog here:

Stack Dough (Like Baklava)

2 thoughts on “Baked Ziti

  1. I can see why it’s a fave. I love some of the turns of phrase here.

    “some will always act like they sit on top the law
    cuz crooks will continue to stack dough like baklava”

    “In a toga I’m the gold Olympiad of making sense(/cents)”

    And there’s the subtle acknowledgement that many of us in the U.S.A. think of Greece mainly as a source of ethnic food and/or ancient history and philosophy. Thanks for the reminder that real crazy things are going down there.

  2. haha yeah, I really like some of those lines. Plus, I like getting to talk about some of the Greek spots here in G-Vegas, Zorba Lounge, et al. We actually have some nice Greek events here for our size city.

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