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Sorry that things have been a little slow. Preparations for TEDxGreenville, in addition to the normal ramping of spring activities, have left me pretty thin. I’m hoping a couple more posts before this Friday’s presentation.

Until then, an oldie from the archives, below, in light of the Supreme Court’s consideration of the health care bill and mandate. Please, please do not read CNN or MSNBC or Fox for your information on it. There are too many expert and original source sites. I recommend this one.

Following CNN for legal analysis is like buying your milk at Bo-Nats. I mean, they’ve got it, but you’re probably getting dysentery.

Performed by ipoetlaureate.  Music produced by Juicebox Jackson.

The Way We Should Die

8 thoughts on “The Stream

  1. That Bo-Nats sign is possibly the funniest thing I’ve seen all month. Mr.Laureate, I hope against all hope that they sell namesake trucker hats, because I’m all in on that business!

  2. @clutch, you’re not kidding. the both of you.

    @matt, i’ll look into it. made me laugh that you got such a kick out of the pic. i’ve only been brave enough to go in there once. let’s put it this way. a LOT of live bait.

  3. Thanks, Sam. I remember when you tried to force it on your poor con law prof! These songs are weird memory triggers for me. I know exactly where I was (in Charleston at a condo) when I wrote and recorded this song. Very personally gratifying (even if no one else cares!).

  4. LOL @ my Con Law professor! His reaction was soo underwhelming: “very clever.” hahaha! Sheesh! Like Dude, he wrote a RAP about THE COMMERCE CLAUSE. He even dropped an Ollie’s Barbecue nod–come on! Oh well, what did we expect :) Like I said, still one of MY faves!

  5. and just in case he’s got thepressjunket on an RSS feed or something–he’s actually a great guy! Just not what I’d call a “backpacker” haha!

  6. Sam, that was a good catch and disclaimer! Yeah, look, it’s not reasonable that he’d be feeling it. It’s too short-circuiting. The music and the subject. Even heads have trouble getting with this stuff. He probably could barely listen to it.

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