Getting the Band Back Together

On the night we lose a legend in music and television hosting, in Dick Clark, there is some consolation that we are now toeing the line of a technology that can replicate and preserve and scrapbook in pixilated dimension our heroes of music. If you haven’t yet seen it, please immediately YouTube the hologram performance of Tupac at this year’s Coachella (warning: explicit content).

Obviously such a technology has purposes more important than our simple nostalgia. But, Hendrix, Gaye, Jackson, Brown, Houston, and Biggie all on the same stage? Tell me you’re not buying that ticket.

Performed by ipoetlaureate. Music produced by djclutch.

Today’s song blog here:

Hologram Bandstand

4 thoughts on “Getting the Band Back Together

  1. Dick Clark’s passing and Hologram Tupac were just asking for it. I mean, perfect storm for an iPoet blong hit! Great stuff. Ya been bringing it lately.

  2. I had several conversations about it and, my very personal opinion is the same as when I posted my status on it:

    “Well, since we already do so many horrible things, might as well do the digital version of digging up a corpse and dancing with it.

    Think about that for a sec.” – Conduct Lionhardt

    or, as my funny friend Joe Deans said, “Digital Necromancy.”

    I do not like it, I do not respect it, I have a variety of issues with it. And, honestly, your last question sums it all up, its about making money. Technology to continue sucking the teet of artist who lived, created, and then left us. Should we continously keep going back to the same well and using it until we can’t use it no more? THAT is a better question. What is the line drawn at using? Answer: there is no line and (pun intended) the desire for more money and sensationalism is as greedy as the grave.

    As for Dick Clark passing away from a heart attack I must admit, talking with my mother, he was doing things when SHE was young so it is surely a loss that is noteworthy. How many moments he had connection to with in the lives of us all over the years? Its interesting to think of that and fondly remember them…

    …of course he’ll be at the new years celebration, since they can digitally place him there next to Seacrest. So don’t mourn to much people, we can all live forever and make appearances, just like Jeff Bridges (circa the 80’s) leading a digital army in a neon striped body suit against his older self in a Disney flop.

    Death is, apparently, the new 20’s.

  3. Thanks, Brian. That’s how I felt. Sort of wrote itself.

    Love the take, Conduct. Honestly hadn’t thought about it in terms of exploitation. The idea is just so cool that I’m good with it I suppose. Your take is more than reasonable and pretty prescient actually. But, I want to see AMADEUS perform!!

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