Well Done

So I haven’t eaten meat (or any animal product other than trace amounts) in 46 days. You may or may not remember why. Actually, I don’t really remember myself. I’ve lost, in weight, the memory portion of my brain. It’s like the vegetarian Notebook. I wake every morning to another bowl of quinoa not remembering the one I had the day before and the beautiful home and love making that me and the quinoa shared together in our youth . . . uh. Sorry. Where was I? Right.

So, anyway, in election season, it’s oxymoronical to speak of being politically vegan. It’s all red meat.

I really hate the phrase. In name, it ought to betray its own effectiveness. It acknowledges publicly what you would plainly characterize as a private strategy. “Hey, we’ll give them what they want to hear, as if it’s what we really mean to say, but won’t tell them!” But, if everyone knows that this is all for frenzy whipping, then why does everyone’s frenzy still get whipped? It’s like being in on the joke and always forgetting the punchline.

And, the “red meat” is not somehow a child of the conventions, starting last night. It’s the entire four course campaign meal. Our campaigns are principally built around inflammatory appeal to base and swing voters and not to real and more mushy differences between candidates. Romney is Scrooge and Obama is Lenin. Next.

Even as the palate, in time, loses and gains appetite for various diet, we can develop a taste for something more civically healthy. Although, that will directly lead to the devastating onset of unrelenting and explosive poops . . . I mean, um, politically speaking, of course. Obviously. What did you think I meant?

Performed by ipoetlaureate. Music produced by pumpkinFoot.

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Red Meat

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