Vin Diesel

Update and possible disciplinary action in the muffed Fast and Furious gun trafficking operation.

My original thoughts here.

New song tonight.

Performed by theipoetlaureate. Music produced by Jordan Santana.

Today’s song blog here:


2 thoughts on “Vin Diesel

  1. Nice work here. Another one of those Jordan beats and I bet the homie don’t even know you used it yet (don’ worry, I’ll tell him.)

    Its funny how stuff you’ve talked on before ends up coming around again for neat follow-ups like this.

    Sadly, I agree with the blongs’ chorus’ sentiment.

  2. Yeah, it’s something I never anticipated. I love being able to recycle songs. It provides content but it also helps us emotively associate stories with a present, or in this case, past, moment in time. It creates a great thread.

    And, yeah, Jordan’s beat is nuts.

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