That’s the theme of tomorrow’s TEDxGreenville. It might also be what I do to this picture frame window to my right if this week doesn’t end soon.

I present third, in the first afternoon session, immediately after lunch.

I have between 8-10 minutes to perform a song, explain the entire evolutionary history of recorded music, describe song blogging, write and record an entire song on stage, and then publish it to this site. I have calculated, therefore, that I’ll have between 3 and 4 seconds to actually be worried about it all. But, that’s still plenty of time to puke right?

The event is sold out but there are still other great ways to participate. There is a smartphone application available here. And, the event can be livestreamed at on the day of the event.

If nothing else, check back here around 2:00 pm to hear what we created from stage.

This has been nearly 6 months in the making. I’m so blessed for the opportunity.

3 thoughts on “BREAKTHROUGH

  1. I’m really excited for you to be doing this event tomorrow, and am wishing you the very best. You really do have something special to share to the world, not only with your blongs but with your HEART!! You’ll do awesome bro.

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