Don’t Forget

The Thursday song came on Wednesday this week.  The Election Special song replaced the weekly round up.  So, you still got the promised two for the week.  And, frankly, I feel lucky, and a good bit accomplished, to have gotten them done.  Besides my trip to NH, I participated in a marathon on Saturday and my boy split his head open on Monday.  It’s just been a tough week to work some news raps in.  I hope the lull at the end here won’t deter the two of you from returning for the upcoming Monday barnstormer.

By the way, I’m hoping that we’re visited by extra-terrestrials over the weekend, because I’ve got this really great human-alien ground war song in the tank, all ready to go.  This experiment is turning a little fantasy football on me.  I find myself rooting against interest for all types of sentilating news. Can’t be healthy.

Don’t forget this week’s first blong hit, High Alert.

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